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Bucket List for SLO Market November 9, 2010

The farmer’s market held in downtown SLO every Thursday night is the most popular market in the county, and there are tons of different booths and characters wandering around. But there are some things that go slightly less noticed–and things that every person should do to have a different type of fun. Check out the Top 5 list below that I have created of things that every person ought to do one Thursday Night.

1. Listen to the Electric Cellist

Of all the interesting music acts I have seen at Farmer’s Market, the electric cellist is definitely one that you cannot miss. The man, whose name is unknown to me, often sets up on one of the side streets of Higuera and combines spoken, free form poetry with his life story–including his time spent in Italy with his lover–and rips on the electric cello in between. The electric fan he positions in front of his stage adds to his theatrical appearance, which includes full body armor of some sort and shoulder length hair. So next time you are downtown on a Thursday night, listen for a strange tune and follow it to the source–you won’t be disappointed.

Sunflowers purchased at Farmer's Market


2. Buy Flowers for Someone Else

Multiple booths offer beautiful and cheap arrangements of flowers for sale, including roses, sunflowers and tulips. And although the practice of buying flowers for someone may be a bit dated, the gesture will never go unnoticed.  Prices start at as little as $3 a bunch for a nice bouquet, and stopping to grab some on your way out for someone else is the perfect way to pay it forward. So grab a bouquet for a friend, a roommate or a loved one.  “Flowers are the best way to get out of the doghouse [with my girlfriend]” says Jamie Mather “trust me.”

3. Get a Funky Apple @ Rocky Mountain Candy Co.

Rocky Mountain Candy Company whips up delicious treats on the daily including chocolate covered strawberries, fudge, and tons of truffles. But one of the things they make that every person ought to try? Their caramel apples. Not just any caramel apples though–flavors range from Apple Pie (dipped in white chocolate and rolled in graham cracker crumbs) to Snickers (dipped in caramel, rolled in crushed Snickers and drizzled with chocolate). When attempting to pick just one flavor, 2nd Year Cal Poly student Tori DiCiccio says“You HAVE to try the Apple Pie apple–its to die for!”  And no worries–Rocky Mountain will cut each apple into pieces that allow you to swap and eat it without losing half of the toppings to the ground.

The Rocky Road and Avalanche apples (courtesy photo)

The Peanut Butter Bomb (courtesy photo)

An assortment of apples from Rocky Mountain (courtesy photo)


4. Do Bike Night

Participants peddle around during bike night in SLO (courtesy photo)


On the first Thursday of every month, bikers from all over SLO country gather to ride around the downtown area after the market shuts down at 9:00 pm. Each month bikers dress up to a theme–such as Zombies, Cops and Robbers or Glow in the Dark–and people get really involved. The bike racks are filled almost completely up from 6:00 pm till 9:00 pm while Farmer’s Market is happening, but as soon as the last of the booths clears out the streets are taken over by a group of cyclists riding everything from unicycles to tandem bikes. The group rides in circles around downtown for an hour or so screaming and “getting all crazy” as one participant said. Every Cal Poly student or SLO resident needs to participate at some point!

5. Have A Competition w/ Your Friends to See How Many Fliers You Can Get

On any given Thursday Night, a multitude of people are out and about promoting everything from fraternities at Cal Poly to a Halloween Costume Sale downtown. Make the night a little more entertaining by challenging your friends to see who can collect the most fliers by the end of the night. Make it interesting by not limiting each person to one flier of each–multiple awkward encounters with the people passing them out will make it even funnier. The person who collects the least amount has to buy the person who collects the most frozen yogurt at Bali’s or Yogurt Creations!

Getting one

Got one!



Photo Essay October 21, 2010

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