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The Market Less Traveled October 26, 2010

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Farmer's Market in Los Osos happens every Monday from 2:00 till 4:40


-Profile of Los Osos Farmer’s Market
-Reasons to shop at lower key markets
-Local ingredient challenge

Today I decided to take a trip to a market other than the one held in downtown SLO every Thursday night–they do exist. In fact, a new market just began to happen in San Miguel, and different markets happen almost every day of the week in SLO county. I figured the result from venturing outside the popularity of SLO’s market would be the same vendors, the same products in a different place. Wrong I was.

Los Osos puts on a market every Monday from 2:00 to 4:40 at the intersection of Santa Maria and 2nd Street, just a block away from the Bay and at the perfect time of day where the sun is still out, but beginning to have the golden glow that happens before sundown. Maybe it was the glow, but the market turned out to have much better fare than I thought.

While considerably less people were present than at SLO’s–about 20 booths were selling–the variety produce offered was just as great, and in fact a lot less overwhelming.

We always shop here [at the Los Osos market]” says local Ryan Cronin. “It’s like 5 blocks from our house and always has great stuff to offer.”

While less known than other markets, some people actually think the benefits of smaller markets outweigh those of bigger ones.

[Ryan and I] never go to the market in SLO,’ says Lety Flores, “it’s too crowded. Plus,” she says with a grin, pointing at a booth to our right, “they know me now and always ask how the stuff I bought last time was to eat.”

A block away from the market, the sun begins to set on Baywood Park

The purpose of a farmer’s market is to be able to buy local products and even have a conversation with the person who is selling it to you. When buying avocados to make guacamole, the vendor selling them took the time to talk to me, find out what I was making and even suggest the type of avocado I needed

These right here are ripe, and because they’re guacamole ready–a little overripe–they’re only $2 dollars a pound.” she said while selecting 4 good ones for me, totaling about $2

From personal experience buying avocados from the market in downtown SLO just last Thursday, the Los Osos market just seemed less hurried and cluttered. Which is a great thing for those who want to peruse and take their time, and even make friends with some vendors along the way.

While shopping around at the market I took it as a challenge to try to make something completely out of things purchased there–and for the total price of about $5 was able to make a big batch of guacamole. So check out the how-to video posted below, and take the challenge to make something out of local products. Let me know if anything works!