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Carbonless Footprints September 30, 2010

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Lately it seems like a revolution has been happening in the ways of sustainability. Suddenly being “eco friendly” is all the rage: people tote reusable grocery bags, stop at water fountains to refill their Sigg water bottles and carry  all sorts of clothing apparel with words like “recycle!” and “reuse!”

“Many people are doing little or nothing to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.”

–Harris Poll

But where is the depth behind all of this? Are people simply following trend because companies make it appear like its their first priority and celebrities make it seem like it is fashionable?

According to a 2009 Harris Poll:

Only small minorities of adults always or often:

  1. Purchase locally manufactured products (26%)
  2. Walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving or using public transport (15%)
  3. Carpool or use public transport (16%)
  4. Purchase organic products (17%)”

All four of these components can be incorporated into people’s lives. Starting with tonight! So ride a bike, carpool or walk (check off #2 and #3) to a local farmer’s market to buy local and/or organic products (check off #1), and start to actually act on what others may be saying.

This is a small step–but will leave (carbon free!) footprints for others to follow.